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What is The Superpower of Each Enneagram Type?

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Once you first found out your enneagram number, you probably found yourself swarming in new information. Some things you may have never known about yourself, some things you may have known about yourself but didn’t know how to put it into the right words, and some things that you’ve known all along.

But one of the most important parts of knowing your enneagram is knowing your strengths! Your superpowers! Each enneagram number has unique gifts and talents to offer, and knowing this about yourself is extremely important.

enneagram superpower

Type One

The enneagram type one’s superpower is their perfection. No, really! One’s are known for their-

  • Detail-oriented mindset
  • Ability to improve

They make good things great, and they make great things amazing! Perfection is their middle name.

Type Two

The enneagram type two’s superpower is their generosity. Their generosity allows them to make others feel good. Which is what they love to do. They are the helpers, after all!

Type Three

The enneagram type three’s superpower is their success. A 3 is known for being able to-

  • Cast a vision
  • Complete tasks like nobody’s business
  • Intensely focus on whatever is at hand

Type three's love success more than anything else, and it's their greatest strength.

Type Four

The enneagram type four’s superpower is their creativity. Fours are known for-

  • Their self-expression
  • How unique they are

Four’s are creative beings at their core, and this serves them well in their daily endeavors.

Type Five

The enneagram type five's superpower is their perception. Fives have a gift for seeing a situation from different points of view. They don’t let other factors get in the way of their decision-making, and they perceive others without bias.

Type Six

The enneagram type six’s superpower is their loyalty. They are known for their-

  • Commitment to others
  • Orientation towards security

It’s a strength that serves them well in relationships, and when they find themselves as part of an organization or group.

Type Seven

The enneagram type seven’s superpower is their joy. The joy a seven has is based in their-

  • Enthusiasm
  • Fun-loving personality

Their joy exudes out of them, and they help lift up the spirits of everyone around them. You can't help but be joyful when you're around a seven! 

Type Eight

 The enneagram type eight’s superpower is their advocacy. Enneagram Eights are known for-

  • How reassuring they are
  • How agreeable they are

Enneagram’s radiate maternal, gentle energy. They advocate for those around them in need and defend the marginalized. 

Type Nine

The enneagram type nine’s superpower is their tenderness. Type nine’s are often referred to as the peacekeepers, and for good reason. They are tender, gentle, and calming. Their presence calms everyone around them and makes you feel safe and included.

One of the most important parts of knowing your enneagram is knowing your superpowers! Each enneagram type has unique skills and perspectives to bring to the table. Knowing what your enneagram type has as a gift is an extremely important part of self-development.

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