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University Life with the Enneagram: A Student's Guide to Success

Struggling to find a balance between navigating the multifarious demands of my scholarly pursuits and maintaining my personal equilibrium as a university student can prove to be a Sisyphean task. The multifarious and often circuitous Enneagram system of personality typing, if utilized studiously, can facilitate illuminating introspection for pupils into their variegated aptitudes, foibles, and communicative predilections. As one delves into the complex aspects of traversing the unfamiliar environment of higher education, the Enneagram personality typology can serve as an insightful tool for maneuvering through the labyrinthine dynamics of campus life and unlocking the secrets of scholastic triumph.

What is the Enneagram?

Although often categorized simplistically into nine personality types, the Enneagram is a complex personality assessment system which aims to provide insight into the core fears and motivations driving an individual's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Although varying categories may encompass an array of beneficial attributes, detrimental qualities, and conversational modalities.

Enneagram University Life

Understanding Your Enneagram Type

By understanding their Enneagram type, students can gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles. Through scrutinizing such data, they can discern both spheres which demand amelioration and domains in which they reign supreme. For example, if a student is a Type One (the Perfectionist), they may be detail-oriented and focused on achieving high standards. While self-critical and often critical of others as well, their tendencies can cultivate inner turmoil and interpersonal friction.

Using the Enneagram to Improve Relationships

Enlightened by self-knowledge from the Enneagram's penetrating insights, our connections with others, both personal and professional, can blossom into profoundly meaningful bonds. By understanding their own Enneagram type and those of others, students can adjust their communication style and approach to better connect with others. An accommodating student, characterized as a 'Helper,' when paired with an inquisitive partner typified as an 'Investigator,' may have to adapt an ordinarily oblique conversational manner by conveying information in a pointed yet succinct fashion, as those in the latter category typically favor an evidence-based methodology.

Study Enneagram at University

With the identification of the prevailing Enneagram types present, the potential interpersonal clashes able to arise between dispositions can be deduced. By understanding their own Enneagram type and those of others, students can anticipate potential areas of conflict and work to proactively address them.


Achieving Success with the Enneagram

By using the Enneagram to gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles, students can achieve success in university life. The complexity and nuance of life can blossom through such avenues as an invigorated intellectual curiosity leading to greater scholastic achievement, profoundly meaningful interpersonal bonds, and an intensified cognizance of one’s authentic self and maturation of character.

With its insights into personality and motivations, the Enneagram offers university students a multifaceted system through which to understand themselves and others as they embark upon the intertwining journeys of intellectual growth and self-discovery that constitute the college experience. By understanding their Enneagram type and those of others, students can improve their communication style, identify potential areas of conflict, and achieve success in university and beyond.

To gain a nuanced understanding of your intrinsic motivations and behavioral tendencies that will serve you well in traversing the multifarious demands of higher education and accomplishing your aspirations therein, take the Enneagram inventory which elucidates nine distinct personality paradigms.

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