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Ideal Christmas Gifts for Every Enneagram Type

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. It’s the holiday where family and friends come together, spend quality time with one another, and celebrate the season. Gifts, however, are always a nightmare because everyone has different personalities and that means what you’d like isn’t what they’d like. You can easily buy gifts you think your sister will love, only to find that it’s a gift more suited to you instead. It’s easily done, so maybe it’s time you bought gifts suitable for your family’s Enneagram type.


What Christmas gift ideas are there for each Enneagram type

Gifts for The Reformer and Helper (Type 1 & 2) Personalities


Reformers are type 1 personalities, and they are the ones who love to be organized. There is no better gift than a simple diary or weekly planner. While it might not seem much, it doesn’t have to be a main gift, it can be a nice stocking filler to give them. It doesn’t cost a lot of money but can be much appreciated, to say the least. Whereas the type 2 personality, the Helpers, are more home birds during the festive period. A bathrobe can be an ideal gift; it’s a simple gift but one that’ll be used daily.

It’s a great idea and something you know can be used repeatedly. You could even go all out with a personalized robe. It’s nothing too special but you’ve put the thought and gone the extra mile. You’d be surprised with how much type 2 personalities would treasure this item.


Santa Brings Enneagram Gifts

Idea Gifts for The Achievers, Individualists, and Investigators


Enneagram personality types 3, 4, and 5, (the Achievers, Individualists, and Investigators) are more into self-improvement and self-love. When you want to choose a gift for the Achiever, you could look at an alarm clock. You always need alarm clocks and can be a nice gift that is used daily. Of course, if you wanted to go a little further, you could opt for a small pendant necklace for type 3 personalities who’re special to you. Individualists may prefer unique items since they’re unique personalities; so, why not opt for an embroidered pillowcase or a yoga mat? Simple items but appreciated gifts.

For type 5 personalities, you could go completely out of the box and opt for a self-improvement book. While you might not go crazy over this gift, Investigators will. It allows them to discover more about themselves. Or, if books weren’t something the type 5 personality was into, you could look at rock climbing classes. It allows them to explore a new subject that fascinates them.


The Loyalist and Enthusiast Gift Ideas


Type 6 and 7 Enneagram personalities are more into simple pleasures. The Loyalist, type 6 personality, has a need for security and wants to be appreciated but helpful. You could opt for a nice necklace that shows how much you appreciate them. For the Enthusiast, type 7 personality, you could look to something more personal, such as a personalized mug or mindfulness cards. These items make great gifts because they can be used often.

Present for Enneagram Lovers

The Challenger and Peacemaker Gift Ideas


Giving a gift to a type 8 personality, the Challenger, does often present a few headaches because they are unique in their own sense. There are lots of great ideas, but you might want to look towards a watch. This is a great gift because it shows how much you appreciate them; it can also be used daily too. For the Peacemaker, type 9 personality, you could look at reflection cards or a personalized canvas print.


Give A Special Gift This Christmas


Christmas is a wonderful time, but choosing gifts can be difficult, especially when you aren’t sure what your friends or family would love. It isn’t about getting a nice gift; it’s about getting a gift that is appreciated and useful. It’s wasteful when you buy something that sits in a drawer for a year and never gets used. Why not opt for a gift that can be suited to your family’s personalities? It’s different and can be light-hearted.


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