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Exploring the Enneagram: Your Guide to Personal Growth

The Enneagram is a unique tool which can help us become better persons and improve our self-awareness. It consists of 9 personality types where every personality type is unique with specific characteristics.

If you are new to Enneagram it could be really difficult for you to understand all the system how it works and how can we benefit out of it. However, with the guidance of us who are on that path for almost a decade the things can become easier to understand your motivations and your specific behavior in different situation in life.

Introduction to the Enneagram: A System for Personal Growth


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Let me use a couple of sentences to explain Enneagram in more detail.

Discover your Enneagram type: The first and the most important step is to accurately identify your Enneagram type. There are numerous Enneagram tests available that you can attend to find you personality type. Based on your triad and the personality type itself you can further research your characteristics and traits.

Understand the Enneagram system: The Enneagram in its core consists of nine different personality groups called personality types. According to your personality type you define your set of motivations and fears. With the basic knowledge you can further dive into more complex understanding of enneagram as a mapping system which can help you become a better person.

Identify your core motivations: You need to be aware that each enneagram type is driven with unique motivation which defines every single situation in your life. Understanding your core motivation will let you understand your behavior and enable your personality to reach your higher self-awareness.

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Integrating the Enneagram in Your Daily Life: Tips and Techniques

Use the Enneagram for personal growth:

The Enneagram can be used for personal growth in many ways. Once you have identified your type and core motivations, you can begin to work on personal growth in those areas. This may involve developing new skills, changing your mindset, or addressing limiting beliefs.


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In conclusion, the Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. By understanding your Enneagram type, core motivations, and how the Enneagram system works, you can gain valuable insights into your behavior and work on personal growth in specific areas. Use the Enneagram Test to start your journey towards a deeper understanding of yourself and personal growth.