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How to Use Enneagram Test for Parenting

The path to parenthood is fraught with intricate hurdles and gratifying moments, particularly when it pertains to nurturing a rebellious adolescent. This is where the Enneagram can be a valuable tool in fostering empathetic parenting and strengthening the parent-teen relationship.


Building Effective Communication:

The exchange of meaningful and relevant information is essential in fostering a healthy bond, specifically when it comes to the interaction between parents and adolescents. The Enneagram endows us with a structural scaffolding that enables better communication, wrought by accentuating the interplay between divergent modes and biases of expression amongst varied Enneagram typologies. By understanding our teenager's communication style, we can adapt our own approach to foster open and honest dialogue. We can learn to listen actively, validate their feelings, and express ourselves in ways that resonate with their Enneagram type, creating a safe and supportive environment for communication and connection.


building strong communication

Resolving Conflicts:

Conflicts are inevitable in parent-teen relationships, but the Enneagram equips us with tools to navigate these conflicts with empathy and understanding. By recognising our own and our teenager's typical conflict patterns, we can proactively address them and find constructive solutions. Through the implementation of Enneagram, an individual can identify their internal stimuli and predispositions. This enables one to tackle conflicts with empathy rather than a defensive approach.


Cultivating Self-Awareness:

Raising a difficult adolescent can bring about significant emotional exhaustion, hence the significance of self-care for parents. The Enneagram promotes introspection and mindful acknowledgement, supporting us in identifying our personal aptitudes and hindrances as caretakers. By understanding our own Enneagram type, we can identify our parenting blind spots and areas for personal growth.

 parent supporting their teen


Supporting Personal Growth:

The Enneagram is not only a tool for understanding our teenager but also an opportunity for personal growth for both parents and teens. We can encourage our teenager to explore their own Enneagram type, helping them gain insights into their own behaviours and patterns. This shared journey of growth and self-awareness strengthens the parent-teen bond and fosters a sense of mutual understanding and support.



Raising a challenging teenager can be a demanding task, but the Enneagram offers invaluable insights and guidance for empathetic parenting. One can successfully manoeuvre the intricacies of parenting with empathetic comprehension and insight by comprehending their adolescent's incentives, effectively conversing with them, mitigating disputes diplomatically, fostering self-examination within them; and nurturing personal development. Explore the profound capacity of Enneagram integration as you embark on your parenting expedition, and observe firsthand the revolutionary effects it can have on your connection with your formidable adolescent.

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Taking the Enneagram test is a simple and enlightening step towards empathetic parenting. There are numerous online resources and reputable Enneagram tests available that can provide you with accurate results. Designate a block of minutes, procure yourself an aromatic infusion, and commence on this elucidating odyssey. Disclosing the intricacies of the Enneagram system exposes an abundance of information that enables you to adeptly handle formidable hurdles related to raising a difficult adolescent with emotions such as sympathy, comprehension, and benevolence. Seize the chance to intensify your bond with your adolescent and fabricate a melodious and backing milieu for their maturation.


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