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Distinguishing Enneagram Type 1 and Type 3 Traits

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These two enneagram types are extremely similar and are often confused, and for this reason it extremely important to denote some distinguishing factors between them.

All in all, type 1 seeks more perfectionism and does this through introverted activities whilst type 3 seeks to do this through extroverted activities. 

Let’s see if we can create some distinguishing factors between both of these enneagram types even further.

Enneagram Type 1

As stated briefly earlier we can explore this type in terms of its desire to be perfect in every facet of their life, and this is something that they seek to consistently explore and develop on. Therefore, in this way they are extremely task orientated and are significantly motivated to get their goals complete and the job done. For this specific reason they can be perceived as being emotionless which can make them appear as cold or unloving, and this is not the case, they only seek to get their jobs completed no matter what it takes to get there.

enneagram type 1

As well as this, type 1 enneagrams tend to have extremely high moral standards and strong views on their ethics. They are comfortable within themselves and do not seek external influences to regulate their happiness, explaining why they are much more reserved and focused on themselves as opposed to placing their attention on others.

Enneagram Type 3 

This enneagram type is extremely similar to that of enneagram 1, but let’s explore some of the key differences between them. Whilst type 1 tends to lead a more introverted life, type 3 is much more extroverted in achieving their personal development. They may seek to use others or create connections to help develop their lives in a variety of ways. For example, this type tends to put a strong emphasis on their career development and thus seeks to network to achieve their goals, whilst type 1 will seek to attain these goals without external help from others.

enneagram type 3

For this reason, type 3 enneagrams tend to be extremely charismatic and have the ability to charm others. However, for enneagram 3 this can essentially only function as a means to an end, as like type 1 they are able to keep their emotions in check to help them focus on the bigger picture for things in their life. For this reason, they tend to place an extremely strong emphasis on prestige in life and consistently seek to ascend to higher positions and follow a path of personal development, which is quite similar to enneagram 1, but they will seek to do this in the most morally correct way possible.

Therefore, for this reason it is clear to see the similarities and differences between these two enneagram types. Whilst they are certainly both goal orientated, we can certainly observe some differences as well, such as their attitudes towards socialising as a means to achieving their grand aims and plans in life. Despite this they are extremely similar.

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