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Discover Your Ideal Travel Spot with Enneagram

Whether you love to travel in summer or winter, it’s important to find a destination you adore and that is perfect for your Enneagram type. Of course, most people assume the perfect destination is a sandy beach soaking in the rays. Unfortunately, that isn’t suited to everyone. We all have a different personality and that means we all have different ways to have fun and relax.


So, What is The Perfect Travel Destination for Your Enneagram Type?


Scandinavia for the Type One Perfectionists


Type One personalities appreciate and have high standards and love good structure. Often, you are organized and appreciate the tranquilness of nature and its beauty. One of the best destinations could be the graceful elegance of Scandinavia, such as Norway. Norway is a beautiful country to visit and can enable you to appreciate the traditional beauty of the untouched landscape. Or, if you aren’t looking to venture far, you could look to a local National Park. Again, it’s breath taking and extremely versatile.

 Georges Town

New Zealand for the Type Two Helper


As a Type Two Enneagram personality, you put others ahead of yourself. You are not only empathetic, but self-sacrificing and a people pleaser. For you, your ideal break could be the wonderful land of New Zealand. One of the world’s most beautiful countries, it offers a simple getaway destination that can re-energize and rejuvenate you. With the natural beauty of the country’s mountain ranges and vast untouched landscapes, it’s the perfect destination. It’s unique in so many ways – like you.


New Zealand

Nepal for the Type Three Achiever


Type Three Enneagram personalities are driven, adaptable to circumstances, love to excel, but are often image conscious. You’re motivated by success and always try to push yourself to be the best. Your perfect destination could be the beauty that is Nepal. As an Achiever, you want adventure and strive to take on new heights. You could tackle Base Camp at Everest or go all the way (if you’re an experienced mountain climber). Nepal will test your endurance.


Count on Me


Kyrgyzstan or Russia for the Unique Type Four Individualist


Type Four Enneagram personalities might not initially warm to the idea of Eastern Europe, in particular Russia. It is, however, unique in many senses. Pre-Soviet Era Russia was full of beauty and rich history. Russia was the center for dance, literature, and even architect. While it is a bit out there in left field, it is a destination for the individualist who wants to learn. Despite recent conflicts, it is a place full of history.


New Start


Or Kyrgyzstan. Their Lake Sary-Chelek is a beautiful destination to visit.


Scotland for the Type Five Investigator


As a Type Five, you’re innovative but secretive as you keep things close to your chest. You’re often isolated but love to study and learn about new things. Type Five Enneagram personalities tend to be independent and look for things that make them think. You like quiet places and while the Antarctica would be your ideal location, it isn’t always practical. Scotland, however, can be a beautiful place to visit. For instance, Edinburgh has its famous castle and there are small local towns rich in history of battles long forgotten. Then, there is the breath-taking beauty of the Highlands, steeped in glorious mountainsides and landscape.

It is the perfect destination for Enneagram Type Five personalities. There are plenty of places to find a quiet corner, relax, and enjoy learning about the area.


Scotland as a Wonderland

Germany for the Type Six Loyalist


You’re a responsible person that loves to engage with new people and find solutions to complex problems. As a Type Six personality, you have keen perception and want to embark on an exciting journey. Germany is a place full of history, beauty, and complexity. Berlin, for instance, has a rich history and can be a wonderful place to explore the vast city. You will enjoy all the country has to offer because it creates a welcoming feel to all visitors.


Germany Ful Of Joy

England for the Type Seven Enthusiast


You’re sensitive, versatile, but inquisitive and spontaneous. As a Type Seven personality, you approach life with a good sense of adventure, curiosity, and a lot of optimism. Unfortunately, you’re likely to get bored easily, so why not opt for a tour around England or Wales? You could start off in Dover before making your way to London and go from there. You have plenty to see and do; there are festivals throughout the year and many amazing sights to explore. You could make it a UK-wide tour and go to the top of Scotland or sail to Ireland too.


England City Of Hope


The Wilds of Alaska or Australia for The Type Eight Challenger


You’re self-confident, decisive, wilful, resilient, and tough. You are also not afraid of a challenge, and there are two hugely different but ideal destinations for Enneagram Type Eight personalities: Alaska and Australia. While you might not initially think these destinations are tough, think again. They are poles apart but offer two of the toughest landscapes in the world. In Alaska, it’s known as the Last Frontier because the majority of the country remains unexplored. In Australia, you have a rugged outback where it can be excruciating hot during the day and unbelievable cold at night. Neither are for the faint of heart.


Australia Country Down Under

India for the Type Nine Peacemaker


You’re the type of personality that is agreeable, receptive to most ideas, but tend to be complacent. Type Nine personalities aren’t always easy to pin down because there is a love of exploration. Whether you’re a wanderer or seeker of enlightenment, you could look to the beauty of India. The country is a sacred land and there are some destinations, such as Rishikesh, that call out to your soul. You can mediate and embrace yoga in abundance. You could find peace here.


India a Beautiful Country

Find your Chosen Destination


Regardless of your personality type, there are many wonderful destinations to explore. Of course, when you want to choose a destination based on your personality, think about what you love, like, and want to do. You might love the sun but want to have the option to explore lesser-known ports. Understand your Enneagram personality type and find a destination perfect for you – and don’t be afraid to try somewhere new if it calls to you.

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