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What Are the Ideal Partners for Each Enneagram Type?

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Compatibility is one of the things we question most in relationships, being the curious creatures we are, and it’s often something that we never get many clear answers about.


Well, what if I told you that there’s a simple test you can take which could reveal this compatibility to you? It may sound a bit too good to be true, but some people believe the Enneagram personality test harbors these capabilities, and that you should be able to tell if your relationship has a high chance of success if you know both personality types. Here are some of the ideal partners for each Enneagram type.

The Ideal Partners for Each Enneagram Type


The Types

First, let us take a look at the nine Enneagram types and what they are.

  • Type 1: Perfectionist
  • Type 2: Helper
  • Type 3: Achiever
  • Type 4: Artist
  • Type 5: Thinker
  • Type 6: Loyalist
  • Type 7: Enthusiast
  • Type 8: Leader
  • Type 9: Peacemaker

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The Matches

As far as studies go, there are some which have been conducted, but they do follow general gender stereotypes of relationships solely between men and women. So, remembering this study is something that doesn’t include every possible scenario, let’s take a look at what they found. Here is the information gathered by Lynn Enneagram & Kundalini Yoga on their website:

The format of the pairs will be presented as: woman’s type; man’s type.

  • Type 1; Type 9
  • Type 2; Type 8
  • Type 3; Type 1
  • Type 4; Type 9
  • Type 5; Type 1
  • Type 6; Type 8 or Type 9
  • Type 7; Type 5 or Type 1
  • Type 8; Type 9
  • Type 9; Type 6

Those above are the most common matches for women types 1-9.


Now, here are more combinations based on how men choose their partners, presented as: man’s type; woman’s type.

  • Type 1; Type 2
  • Type 2; Type 4
  • Type 3; Type 9
  • Type 4; Type 2
  • Type 5; Type 1
  • Type 6; Type 2
  • Type 7; Type 1
  • Type 8; Type 2
  • Type 9; Type 4


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The Conclusion

Now, are these combinations how you should go about your romantic life, only seeking a type 4 woman if you are a type 2 man? The answer is no; you should not let this set of data rule your life. As far as compatibility goes, one of the most important things to remember is that learning your own faults and understanding how they make relationships hard for you is the best way to make your relationships last. For example, if you’re a type 4 and you realize that sometimes you withdraw from a person once an argument starts, work on keeping yourself open rather than shutting down during a misunderstanding with your partner. Though there are patterns in which types end up together most often, it’s most important to remember that knowing yourself and your own type is the surest way to make things work with the person you love.


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