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Exploring Extroverted Sensing: A Comprehensive Guide

We all take in the world in different ways. Some people are more verbal, others understand the world better through the written word, or through images. Some of us are more sensitive, others a bit more blunt. How we see and understand the world can impact how we relate to others, and how we react to situations.

Extroverted sensing means that you take in the world through physical, real-life objects, and through things that can be perceived by the senses; sights, sounds, smells, and material things. So what are some signs that you might be an extroverted sensor?

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Tactile Sensitivity


If you really enjoy and get a great deal of information from touching things, handling things, and noticing different textures, you might be an extroverted sensor. Extroverted sensors often use their sense of touch to understand and appreciate things like furniture, clothing, building materials, and the natural world. Can’t walk past a brick wall or stone façade without touching it? Need to go into the Home Depot and touch every single button, and turn every single knob? Just for the heck of it? You might be an extroverted sensor.


Hands-On Learning


One of the greatest indicators that you’re an extroverted sensor is that you learn best by putting things together, manipulating objects, and trying things out on your own. Until you actually get your hands on that new Ikea furniture piece and try to work with it on your own, no amount of verbal or written instructions are going to be of much use to you. You truly do need to be able to see, touch, and analyze things in real time visually and manually for things to make sense, and come together for you. Only then can you understand how and why something works, and make progress.


You Don’t Mind Taking Risks


Another sign of extroverted sensing is a willingness to take social or personal risks to better understand the world around you. You tend to jump into unknown or new situations, thrive on tackling new challenges, and don’t mind a little bit of danger or uncertainty on the way. You are outgoing, forge ahead, and try scary things that other people may balk at, just for the new experience.  You’re also more likely to plow into new social situations, and don’t mind meeting new people. In fact, you sincerely enjoy socializing with people you haven’t met before, and find that this enhances your overall experiences, and boosts your happiness.


You Live in the Moment


If you’re one of those people who truly enjoy noticing, soaking in, and revealing in new sensory experiences, you’re likely an extroverted sensor. You love to feel hot sun on your shoulders, sand under your toes, and wind in your hair. What’s more, you have the need to share these experiences with other, personally or from a distance. If you find yourself truly immersed in every new experience, and then feel energized and happy in sharing the details of this experience with friends via social media, you may be an extroverted sensor. 

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