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What is More Accurate, the Myers-Briggs Test or Enneagram Test?

Personality tests are often met with criticism, but they allow you to explore your mind and understand what makes you, you. Enneagram tests have soared in recent months, and it’s all down to how much you can find out about yourself. The Myers-Briggs test is extremely popular too, and again, it’s down to how useful it can be. It’s important to learn about your mind. While personality tests mightn’t be your cup of tea, they can be great at breaking down mental barriers. With so many available, it can be difficult to determine which is best.


The Myers-Briggs and Enneagram tests are both popular, but which is more accurate?


What the Myers-Briggs Test Can Offer You


The Myers-Briggs personality test is fantastic because it focuses on the workings of your mind. Identifying how your mind works is important because it’s your genetic makeup. This personality test is helpful when you want to determine your position within a group or when you need guidance for choosing an occupation. You’ll find the test has many uses and shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. Understanding how your mind works is crucial in becoming a better and stronger person. The Myers-Briggs test often appears in job interviews as employers use it to gauge your inner mind and thinking.

What the Enneagram Personality Tests Offers


The Enneagram test is more spiritual based. This personality test focuses on analysing the mind. It finds your fears, what drives you, and what barriers you use to protect yourself, along with your personality type. Enneagram shows how you defend yourself and you can learn so much about you as a person, such as your moods and likes. You could even learn what impedes your cognitive functions and how you react in certain situations.

The Enneagram Personality Mapping System


Which Personality Test is More Accurate?


The reality is that both the Myers-Briggs and Enneagram personality tests are great learning tools, and you can find out so much about yourself with them. When it comes to accuracy, it all depends on what you hope to achieve. For instance, Enneagram is great when you want to learn about your mind, how you react, what drives you, and your personality type. Whereas the Myers-Briggs personality test focuses on understanding how your brain processes emotions and feelings.


Enneagram does have a slight edge since you can understand your personality type and gives deeper into your emotions. Of course, once you use the test to find out your personality type, you can research it and determine if you have similar traits. The interesting part about taking a personality test is whether you agree with them or not. Sometimes, you just don’t want to admit you’re exactly like the test describes.


Learn About You


You are unique. You think, feel, act differently, and have different needs to those around you. When you wonder why you’re so different, it’s down to your unique personality. This is what makes you think, and a personality test can allow you to explore it in greater detail. You can learn how you are this person and may even become a better person for it. Personality tests, like Enneagram and Myers-Briggs can kickstart your journey into self-discovery.


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