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The Intellectual Edge: Which Enneagram Type Tops the List?

You’ve taken the Enneagram personality test and are pleased with the results, but do you agree with them? Sometimes, you think you know what personality type you are and then find out you’re completely the opposite to the one given by Enneagram. The results can surprise you, especially when they’ve come out of left field. That is the beauty of personality tests, they can unveil things you didn’t know about yourself. You could have a different personality to what you thought you had; it’s interesting, to say the least. So, which Enneagram type is the smartest?

Type 5 Personalities


The type 5 personality is often considered to be the smartest on the Enneagram test because they are the investigators. Type 5 personalities love to explore and learn about a subject at great lengths. When you are classed as a type 5 personality, you’ll be among the smartest individuals. You are an intellectual type of person and have intelligence developed to a heightened level; some might be more subtle, of course. While everyone has their own definition of smart, the Enneagram test class type 5 as the smartest.

 Reading Enneagram


Understanding the Type 5 Personality


Fives are curious but insightful and alert to any situation. When you are a type 5 personality, you’re able to concentrate on tasks at hand. You’re focused and want to learn. You’ll often be able to learn new skills with ease and have a passion for developing new ideas that are complex in nature. You’re often seen as innovative, independent, and inventive. Type 5 personalities are pre-occupied with thoughts, even though your imaginations are working all the time. While you can be high-strung in nature, and have your eccentricities, you are often seen as ahead of the times.



Enneagram’s type 5 personality is thought of as being the ‘smart one’, but it also shows a different side to you. While you are a pioneer of your time, you also have a fear of being helpless. You don’t want to be useless and always try to improve yourself and how helpful you can be. You have a strong desire to be capable at turning your hand to whatever is necessary. There are times when you’re the problem-solver and want to be involved with every new idea that crosses your path. Your key motivations are learning about new environments and possessing knowledge.


Is Type 5 Personality Really the Smartest?


It’s easy to see why you might question your credentials when you’re classed as a type 5 personality on the Enneagram test. You might be a little reserved in accepting your personality type, but 5’s is quite smart. Remember, they are investigators. You want to know more, find out why things are the way they are. You want to understand how things work and why your imagination is like it is. You constantly ask questions and dig deep for answers, with a strong need to find the truth.


The reality is that a type 5 personality can spend time contemplating and observing all those around them. You can often find yourself immersed in observations and gain confidence through learning. Your personality type of unique as you are and can allow you to explore more. Intelligence comes in many forms and just because you are a type 5, you can be humble about it.


Put Your Type to the Test


Whether you believe you are a type 5 personality or otherwise, this tends to be the smartest personality within the Enneagram family. It’s important to understand that intelligence comes in many forms and just because you don’t often show the classic signs of ‘smarts’, doesn’t mean you aren’t intelligent. You should explore the type 5 personality more and understand what it means to be in this group.

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