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Enneagram Types in Hogwarts Houses: A Breakdown

Each house at Hogwarts has a particular set of traits just like personalities so if we were to analyse each house and which types would be most comfortable in. Here is how each house would be filled.

Let’s start with Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw enneagram type


Principled with a strong sense of what is right, type 1 seems to be the most apt personality trait for this house. Perfectionist tendencies and a rational approach to problems are accurate descriptive terms for both the house and the type. With the strong desire to delve and resolve complex problems type 5 personalities are a good combination and would be welcome here.


Hufflepuff enneagram type


Hufflepuff house is known as the caring people domain. So naturally type 2 is welcome in this house filled with helpers and empathetic characters. Care for those in need and a striving to serve others makes this a close connection. This relationship orientated house is also a welcome host to type 6 loyalist as well. Where else could we place type 9 people but here in this caring house? Their desire to avoid conflict and the ability of the house to heal wounds is a perfect match.


slytherin enneagram type


The house of charmers. Here the achievers hold sway as they crave recognition for striving to succeed. Their ambition is intense, and they have a deep desire to be the best. The wish to control blends well with the ambience of this house so type 8 personalities are comfortable here as well.


gryffindor enneagram type


These are the most difficult personalities to allocate to a house as they have the strong desire to be unlike everyone else. This could cause them to be remote from others, but their artistic flair and wonderful imagination is a welcome quality making them welcome in this house. Members with Type 7 personalities bring a welcome sense of enthusiasm to this house with an additional courageous and chivalrous touch.

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