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Enneagram Model Unraveled: Reasons to Rethink Taking It

The Enneagram model is a personality system that believes that all people belong to a personality type. Nine major personality types are depicted in this model and categorized as heart, head, and body types. 

The purpose of finding out which type you have will guide you to develop yourself beyond what you're currently capable of. 

Finding your personality type won't put you in a box but instead, identify your strengths and limitations. The Enneagram model uses patterns to describe how people with different personality types manage their emotions and interpret the world. It also illustrates how each personality type relates to one another.  

How Does the Enneagram Model Work and What is it Used For?

A number depicts each personality type in the Enneagram model. None is better than another and people may relate to more than one type at once. As people grow, their fears and motives will be dominated by different numbers. Both biological and environmental factors influence your primary personality type.

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The purpose of the Enneagram model is to gain knowledge about oneself and develop your personality. It offers a tool for a better understanding of your primary motivations in life. With this knowledge, you'll be able to apply strategies to your life for better outcomes in conflict resolution, leadership, and emotional decisions. Many counselors, psychotherapists, and educators use the Enneagram model.  

The Disadvantages of the Enneagram Model

The primary problem with the Enneagram model is that it's a bit short-sighted. Like many other personality instruments, it cannot define a person's personality in totality. The Enneagram model depends on individuals being self-aware to most effectively align themselves with their numbered personality type. Many people will misinterpret their personality type because, as humans, we're prone to identify with the personality we'd like others to think we have, rather than the one we truly have. 


Each person's personality is incredibly complex. When they choose the wrong personality type on the Enneagram model and perform accordingly, they become confused when things don't work out as anticipated. This confusion ultimately leads to failure, which is then easily blamed on how the model itself works.

It is strongly recommended that you only use the Enneagram model when you’re able to let go of who you think you are and dive deep to find out who your truly are.

What to Remember When Using the Enneagram Model

Depending on where you are in life, you develop different aspects of your personality. Your personality is bound to change over time, so identifying as one type right now isn't a definite. Even though the Enneagram model can be useful, it's important to remember that your personality is unique. Never let your Enneagram number categorize you or set limits on your actions. 

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Self-development is a journey, and personality models might seem like an excellent way to learn about yourself. Although they are, it's important to remember that the Enneagram model is a robust system. Its validity seems promising, but you should never use your personality outcome as a scapegoat for uncalled for behavior. 

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