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Enneagram Tests for Churches: Fostering Personal Growth

The Enneagram Test is a technique used by psychologists since the 1970s and is an incredibly beneficial tool for pastors, churches, and church communities.

But what exactly makes the Enneagram Test so useful for churches and how does this test align with the individuals in your church group? There are plenty of reasons, but I want to take a moment to explain a few key points.

The Enneagram Test Explains Personality Types

The Enneagram Test was designed to explain and identify a person’s underlying personality type. It is based on nine distinct personality types, each of these connected to one another, and further broken down into subtypes.

But what exactly makes this test so beneficial to churches? This test can help churches understand their members on an individual level, allowing church leaders to better understand the needs of their members, how they would handle difficult situations, and what type of spiritual guidance they would most likely respond well to. It's a thrilling test, and as a pastor, I found it very helpful in understanding my members’ characters.

Enneagram in Church

The Enneagram Test Helps Churches Connect with Members

Beyond just explaining the personality of your members, the Enneagram Test can also help churches create a better connection between their members. By giving members a sense of belonging and understanding, churches can create a more welcoming and connected community.

This test can be used to create more understanding and appreciation among members, as well as to foster deeper relationships. The Enneagram Test can help not only the members of your church but yourself as well. It can reveal things in your personality that you need to pay attention to, offer spiritual guidance, and ultimately help you become a better pastor.

The Test Can Help You as a Pastor

As a pastor, it can be hard to stay connected to your members, understand their needs, and offer spiritual guidance. There's a reason that I'm proudly identified with the Enneagram test, and that's because it has helped me become not only a better pastor but a better person.

Speaking from personal experience, I absolutely recommend this test. God used a member of my congregation and the Enneagram Test to reveal something in my personality that I needed to pay attention to and work on.


The Enneagram Test is an incredibly beneficial tool for pastors and churches, as it helps them understand their members on an individual level, create a better connection between members, and so much more.

If you're looking for an Enneagram Test, I highly recommend this one. It's a great tool and one that I used myself. It's incredibly helpful and I'm sure it will be for your church group as well!