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5 Reasons Human Resources Departments Need the Enneagram Test

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When it comes to hiring employees, human resources departments need to be very careful about who they bring onto the team. Not only do they need to evaluate the skillset of their potential future employee, but the interpersonal relationship between the employee and the business.

Because of this, let's explore five reasons that human resources departments need the Enneagram Test and the benefits that it can provide.


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1. Better Understanding of Personality Types

The Enneagram Test is a nine-point personality test technique that has been used by psychologists since the 1970s, making it one of the most reliable and scientifically accurate models of personality types. 

By understanding the Enneagram, human resources departments have access to a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of various personality types and how they interact with each other in different situations. This can help them identify which candidates will be the best fit for their company culture.

This is incredibly beneficial, as understanding what personality types best fit into the role you're looking to fill can easily prevent workers from feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or disengaged.


2. Improved Communication

When you understand the different personality types of employees, you can easily improve communication between managers and employees. Even during the hiring process, pre-employment Enneagram Assessments can be used to identify how a candidate would fit into the team dynamic.


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3. Candidate Self-Awareness

The Enneagram Test is also beneficial in helping candidates become more self-aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, something that will lead to these candidates actually reforming their behaviors in order to better fit into the company culture.

This self-awareness also helps human resources departments identify which candidates are truly invested in their potential position and which ones are just looking for a paycheck.


4. Streamlined Pre-Employment Process

The employment process is almost always filled with tedious paperwork, interviews, and background checks. However, the Enneagram Test can help streamline the process by helping to quickly identify which candidates are the best fit for a particular job.

Rather than relying entirely on a test that measures a candidate’s technical skills and resume, the Enneagram Test can provide deeper insights into how well an individual might fit into the company culture.


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5. Better Understanding of Team Dynamics

Finally, the Enneagram Test can help HR departments understand better how different personality types work together in a cohesive and productive manner. Knowing the different strengths and weaknesses of everyone can help managers assign tasks more accurately, decide how to format teams and workgroups, and identify potential conflicts before they arise.

The Enneagram Test is an ideal method for human resources departments to speed up their pre-employment process and build a stronger team. There are many resources online about the Enneagram Test as well, which include this Enneagram Test in both its basic and advanced form.