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What Are the Best Jobs for Each Enneagram Type?

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Throughout history people have tried to predict what careers would suit them the most and likewise organisations have strived to attract those that would be comfortable and provide a positive influence on the organisation. Many psychological tests have been developed to offer guidance in these choices, and the Enneagram test is one of the more recent ones to match the behavioural traits of the nine types of personality to particular occupations.


Jobs for Each Enneagram Type


Type 1 - The Perfectionist

Type 1 people with their perfectionist traits and their quest to reform and make things better have an innate sense of what is right. They have a need for order and a tendency to fear making mistakes. Fastidious and having a great attention to detail make them ideal candidates for management positions where they can initiate change and guide innovation to fruition. Becoming an editor, or researcher and perhaps even a detective would also be comfortable choices for type 1 individuals.


Type 2 - The Helper

Type 2 people are the Helpers. With high degrees of empathy and naturally caring, generous and friendly, type 2 people are happiest in careers that revolve around people and serving them. Nurses, therapists, and teaching are ideal careers for these supportive people who may also find great satisfaction volunteering in non-profit organisations.


Type 3 - The Achiever

The Achiever (Type 3) is the goal orientated competitor that places a high regard on motivating others to excel. They thrive on praise and publicity and so feel most comfortable in careers like acting, advertising and social media management. Their innate sense of purpose and drive provide the incentive to be self-employed entrepreneurs.


Type 4 - The Individualist 

The Individualist is the type 4 personality that dreams of writing songs and creating items of beauty. Rules and rigid boundaries are not for this person.  Careers with a healthy dollop of creativity are what type 4 people need.  Creative writing, film and video making are good choices together with designers, illustrators, and graphic designers. Their artistic flair extends to food and is the foundation of chefs with ground-breaking abilities.


Type 5 - The Thinker

With an abundant ability to concentrate Type 5 persons have an almost inexhaustible desire to delve and resolve complex ideas and problems. Imaginative and innovative they are content to work independently and find deadlines difficult to work to. They should look for opportunities in computer programming and research, forensics and data science which would supply ample sources to satisfy their curiosity.


Type 6 - The Loyalist

The Loyalist is the reliable number 6 Type personality. This group thrive on rules and regulations and seek the comfort of the known. They rely on rules to some degree to bolster their rather sparse self- confidence and self-belief. They have a great ability to bring working groups together for a common cause and tend to remain loyal to the end. The need for rules makes a military career attractive as well as areas with stringent laws like engineering or religious roles


Type 7 - The Enthusiast

Type 7 personalities enthusiastically grasp at everything that grabs their attention. Their minds work at super-fast speeds and they can multi-task at will. Their superb manual skills enable them to excel at sports and are often accomplished musicians. With boundless enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of optimism they are adept at arranging social events. New experiences are essential in making an interesting career so journalism, script writing and acting are appropriate choices.


Type 8 - The Challenger

The self-confident, dominant manager is the type 8 person. They strive to occupy positions which have clear levels of authority. Extremely strong willed they may sometimes border on aggressive when challenged. The career opportunities for this group are exceptionally wide and can range from being a drill sergeant to stockbroker and business owner. As a rather separated type on the enneagram list of personalities, the challenger needs to be in charge and any position that undermines independence will not be attractive to this group.


Type 9 - The Peacemaker

The Peacemakers are the background people. These type 9 persons prefer to remain in the wings. Avoiding conflict is central to the persona and they optimistically go along with trusting others. They have a significant spiritual component to their make-up, and this makes careers like yoga instruction attractive to them. The avoidance of conflict enhances the suitability of careers that involve counselling or mediation. The environment of baking and crafting also holds a high level of attractiveness to this group.

In making career choices using the Enneagram consider the suggestions as gentle prods. Accuracy in personality traits is, at best nebulous so by all means consider the suggestions made and then delve as deep as you can before you take the plunge.


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