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We know that we are able to build more strength and improve our overall fitness through training. If it’s possible to improve our bodies like this, why can’t we improve our personalities too? Well, the simple answer is, yes, it’s definitely possible!

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*Allow approximately 30 minutes. At the end of the test, you will be given the opportunity to purchase your results along with extensive explanations. There is no risk to purchase as your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Explore the Nine Enneagram Types – Gain Insight into Your Inner World

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Enneagram and Self-Care: Personalised Strategies for Growth

Discover how the Enneagram can enhance your self-care routine. Improve your mental health and emotional well-being with personalised self-care strategies based on your Enneagram type.

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The Enneagram and Relationships: Insights for Improved Communication

Discover how the Enneagram can improve your relationships. Enhance communication, conflict resolution, and self-awareness to strengthen your bonds with others.

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Discover Your True Self: The Ultimate Guide to Enneagram Personality Types

Curious about the Enneagram? Learn how to discover your Enneagram type with this beginner's guide from Best Enneagram Test. Find out how this powerful personality tool can help you grow and thrive.

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Improving Emotional Intelligence with the Enneagram

Improve your emotional intelligence with the Enneagram. Learn how this powerful tool can help you understand your emotions, communication style, and more. Start your journey to self-awareness today!


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Let Me Share My Personal Enneagram Experience


A few years ago, while I was still in my early thirties, I began to ask myself some of life’s biggest questions: who am I, what kind of person am I, and how have I changed? I wondered if it’s possible to improve the kind of person I am, to become a better spouse, and a better parent. To answer these questions first I need to know who I am. I need to know how I respond to different challenges and take account of situations that I act well in as well as those I don’t.

We know that we are able to build more strength and improve our overall fitness through training. If it’s possible to improve our bodies like this, why can’t we improve our personalities too? Well, the simple answer is, yes, it’s definitely possible!

This was when I discovered The Enneagram. The concept was very new to me, so I decided to learn more about its origins and history. The Enneagram is an age-old method of identifying our personality type, dating back to Pythagoras (approx. 495 BC).


I searched for the best literature on the Enneagram subject and began to attend related training courses. By doing all of this, I learned that the Enneagram is more or less the only test which combines several ancient wisdom traditions into a single comprehensive method. 

While reading all the materials for courses I began to feel a little confused by the extensive science behind the subject, and also held back by the complicated jargon. Fortunately, I did not give up the pursuit, overcoming these difficulties.

When I have shown the Enneagram test to my husband and introduced it to him, my life has completely changed. Together, we have researched Enneagram testing, reading almost every Enneagram book there is. We attended many training courses, seminars, and workshops: in short, we have invested a significant amount of time and money into learning about the Enneagram test.

As we developed a better understanding of the Enneagram, my husband and I started to become better versions of ourselves. Our lives have improved dramatically. The essence of what it is to live became clearer to us. Being in the present moment, analyzing your surroundings and paying special attention to your own emotional needs, and of those around you.

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How Does Enneagram Work as a Tool - The Technique Called Enneagram – Used by Psychologists Since the 1970s

Contemporary Enneagram of Personality has for the most part been created and popularized by a Bolivian philosopher Oscar Ichazo and a Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo in the 1970s. The Enneagram figure is represented as a circle, with nine points on the outer rim, representing nine personality types explained in the model. The circle has an inner triangle (connecting points 3-6-9, representing “the law of three”) and an irregular hexagonal periodic figure (connecting points 1-4-2-8-5-7-1, representing “the law of seven”).

All personality types have the same category types which makes it incredibly easy for a regular person to interpret and navigates their personality traits. Categories include characteristic role, ego fixation, holy idea, basic fear, basic desire, temptation, vice/passion, virtue, security and stress. Each of the nine Enneagram personality types under stress corresponds to a personality disorder as described by American Psychiatric Association in the DSM-5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Many psychiatrists and psychologists have utilized the Enneagram in their own working theories of personality and in the practice of psychotherapy. Furthermore, therapists have used it in traditional psychotherapy settings such as to help patients understand their core motivations or as a model for discussing object relations. The system has also been utilized by mental health professionals, religious communities, large business corporations and leadership coaches in an effort to improve understanding of the self and others.



A recent study published in the Journal of Adult Development found that training related to Enneagram evaluations is advantageous in encouraging psychological growth and personal development.

Remember, I was there couple of years ago and now with the help of Enneagram I am living the best version of myself!

Luckily, I have found a technique which anybody can implement starting from day one of reading this article. Trust me, once you have had a chance to explore it for yourself, you will experience amazing results in just a few days! It changed my life and saved me from stress ever since I started!

Start With TEST

If you are interested in making immediate changes in your life to promote personal and professional growth as well as to fortify all the important relationships in your life, DO NOT hesitate to consult us and get started on your own personal journey TODAY!


My Husband and I Wanted to Share the Treasure We Had Found in the Enneagram With Others

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What Will You Benefit With Taking the Enneagram Test


  • You will learn about type’s Triad, so you can understand where you are coming from and how you can use the Triads to improve your relationships with others and yourself.
  • Your Type’s Childhood Messages, to help you understand how your past affects you in the present.
  • Better understanding of how you react in stressful situations, and how to improve or change these reactions to be better.
  • How you can live in the present, living in essence, based on your Type.
  • An immediate assessment of your current mental state, with clear levels from healthy, average to unhealthy.


How Our Comprehensive Enneagram Test Helps You Uncover Your True Self In Just 30 Seconds:


👉  Have you ever wondered if you have hidden potential?
👉 Do you suffer from low self confidence?
👉 Do you want to improve your patience and how you behave around people?
👉 Are you not being able to relax?
👉 Are you overthinking all the time?
👉 Do you want to control you emotions better when you are in stressful situations?


👉 Or are you just curious about your Enneagram type?



Does this sound like you? Or maybe a loved-one?


If you are completely satisfied with your life then this Enneagram test might not be for you.


BUT if you answered YES to any of these questions, then this page will be the most important one you will ever read.

What Makes our Enneagram Test Different from Others?

  • We use questions from scientifically validated databases which were proven through numerous of studies performed by the best world known universities and institutes.
  • Our Enneagram test represents the degree to which a user can be confident that the test result is reasonably valid and reliable. Please be aware, there are numerous personality test offered online for free which are invalid and unreliable.
  • We Help You Improve Your Personality. If you have any questions that come up as you read your report and guide do not hesitate to ask. We will guide and help you on your Enneagram journey 24/7.
  • My Personal No-Risk Guarantee. I stand behind the Enneagram Test 100%. It's worked for myself and thousands of other people. If within 90 days you're dissatisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and we'll promptly give you a full refund.

Here is Exactly How You are Going to Start:

Step 1
Take the Enneagram Test

This is a questionnaire type of test where you are asked about your various traits and behaviors and it consists of approximately 180 questions. The test took about 30 minutes to complete.

Step 2
You Will Get Your Type

The team of psychoanalysts will send you personality type with a custom made, detailed report which spread on 26 pages. The report itself is an amazing guide and overview of your personality, very clear for reading with lots of colorful graphics and incredibly easy to navigate through.

Step 3
You Will Receive PDF Report With Audio Guide

You will realize that you can understand everything right away which is the one of the reasons why we have so many fans of this personality test. The report also allows you to gain a much deeper understanding of yourself and what you need to work on.

Finish With Enneagram Test
You Will Start to Live in a Present Moment

The baggage of our past holds us back and keeps us from moving forward. Our goal should be getting rid of that baggage and living in essence. Living in the present is something which we all should aim for.

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*Allow approximately 30 minutes. At the end of the test, you will be given the opportunity to purchase your results along with extensive explanations. There is no risk to purchase as your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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