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Halloween Costumes for Each Enneagram Type

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Looking for a good idea for a Halloween costume? Why not try a costume suited to your Enneagram Type?

Whether you’re a Peacemaker, an Enthusiast, or a Helper, there’s a costume to match your type.

Let’s go down the list and find you the perfect costume ideas based on your Enneagram personality type.


Enneagram Type 1: The Reformer


The Reformer is a bold leader and seeks to be a hero to the masses. Brave, selfless, courageous, and always taking the world on his shoulders, the Type 1 would be well reflected in disguise by :

  • Superman. The ultimate hero!
  • George Washington
  • Barrack or Michelle Obama 

enneagram type 1


Enneagram Type 2 : The Helper


The Helper is warm, caring, and a bit of a people-pleaser. Seeking to be close to and useful to others, the Type 2 Helper would be expressed well by these costumes :

  • Dog or Puppy. Really, there’s no better example of a people-pleaser than a dog.
  • Snow White
  • Joy from “Inside Out”


enneagram type 2


Enneagram Type 3 : The Achiever


The Achiever is energetic, and has intense and serious goals to accomplish. They push themselves, and are very status-conscious. A typical talented celebrity, a great costume idea for these types would be :

  • Hilary Clinton.
  • Julius Caesar. Excellent opportunity to wear a toga.
  • Hercules


Enneagram Type 4 : The Individualist


The Type 4 is sensitive, introspective, and a bit reclusive. Prone to thoughtfulness and a bit of selfishness, the Individualist would be well-advised to consider going as :

  • A Hermit or Sadhu
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Greta Garbo (“I want to be alone!”)


 enneagram type 4


Enneagram Type 5 : The Investigator


The Type 5 tends to be brilliant and innovative but a bit eccentric and aloof. Inquisitive, thoughtful, creative, and a bit of a loner, the Type 5 would be absolutely perfect as  :

  • Sherlock Holmes… of course!
  • Elon Musk
  • Marvel’s Black Widow

 enneagram type 5


Enneagram Type 6 : The Loyalist


Type 6 personalities are dedicated, hard-working, and trustworthy, but can burn themselves out, and become stressed by the very projects they take on. A great example of this would be :

  • The Hulk / Dr. Bruce Banner
  • Mr. Incredible from Pixar’s “The Incredibles”
  • Spiderman



Enneagram Type 7 : The Enthusiast


Excitable, active, and on-the-go, Type 7s crave adventure and excitement no matter where they are. If this is you, consider the following costume ideas :

  • Ironman
  • Rapunzel
  • Merida of Disney’s “Brave”


Enneagram Type 8 : The Challenger


Bold, brazen, and up for a good fight, the Type 8 is a classic fighter. In charge of their own life and certain of what they want, the Type 8 can be brilliant yet domineering. Try dressing up as :

  • Donald Trump. The ultimate Boss!
  • A Bull. It may sound simplistic, but this animal is a great example of Type 8.
  • She-Hulk. Girl Boss, Lawyer, Green Feminist.


enneagram type 8


Enneagram Type 9 : The Peacemaker


Humble, selfless, and dedicated, the peacemaker just wants everyone to get along, stop fighting, and work together. With this in mind, some great costume ideas for a Type 9 would be :

  • Bob Ross. Happy Little Tree Guy. He’s the televised epitome of Peacemaker.
  • Saint Francis of Assisi. Yes, you can dress up as a Saint for Halloween.
  • Kermit the Frog


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