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Tailored 3-Minute Meditations for Each Enneagram Type

Meditations can be essential in helping you reduce your stress levels and relieving anxiety. But what you may not know is that there are different meditations that can be more effective based on your enneagram type. This article will take a closer look at the best 3-minute meditations that you can do for your specific enneagram type.

Loving You



Ones are known for being the perfectionist and reformer. This typically means that they tend to repress their anger on their path of becoming perfect. What this means is that you need to do a Meditation to Burn Out Inner Anger. This helps you release the anger from within so that you can feel more at peace.




Twos are overly helpful people, who tend to forget about taking care of their own needs. As a result, Twos tend to lack the self-care required to avoid the emotional and physical exhaustion caused by stress. Meditation for a Calm Heart is the best meditation for a Two.




Threes tend to be focused on how much they achieve and how they appear to others. This is something that can really get in the way of their heart center. For a Three, the Meditation to Change the Ego is the best option.




Fours exist within an emotional world that is always evolving, causing them to feel very conflicted and confused in their lives. The Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex Meditation can offer a Four the balance that they need.




Fives are over thinkers who struggle with expressing themselves to others, having a blocked throat chakra. Using the Wahe Guru Meditation focuses on using mantras to help the person open their throat chakra encouraging the person to be more open and sharing.




Sixes are notoriously skeptical, which can cause them to have issues with following their inner guidance. This leads to the person feeling anxious and uncertain. Sixes can benefit from the Meditation for Caliber of Constant Self-Authority, which helps them to better connect with their inner guide.




Sevens are adventurous and enthusiastic individuals, which can cause them difficulty on focusing on a single topic for a long time. This makes the Seven feel very scattered in their life. Through the Caliber of Life Meditation, the Seven can use the challenging breath-work and positioning to help them gain better focus.


laying with You



Eights have the tendency to overreact, especially when it comes to anger caused by feelings of vulnerability. This anger can negatively impact their relationships with others. Eights should practice the One-Minute Breath Meditation to help them learn to not react first, allowing them to access healthier and deeper emotions.




Nines are prone to be passive when it comes to their own wants and needs as a way to avoid conflict. This causes them to miss out on truly being able to enjoy their lives. To help with this the Breath of Fire Meditation can help awaken their passions so that they are no longer passive people in their own lives.




The right meditation techniques for your enneagram type can make a significant difference in how you feel. This advice will help you determine which meditation approach will best benefit you.


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