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Top Enneagram Test: Discover the Ultimate Personality Assessment

Online Enneagram personality tests are all the hype these days. Everyone I know has taken one in some form of the other, but the truth is that these are not all equally accurate. I performed a quick Google search for online Enneagram tests, and found a ridiculous amount of results. How do you choose between all these tests?

First, let us explore what the Enneagram test is.

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The Enneagram Test

This is a personality typing system that focuses on how a person conceptualizes the world and manages their emotions. Based on a series of questions, you can be grouped in one of nine personality types that are mapped on a nine-pointed diagram that illustrates how these types influence one another.

It was developed in the time of Pythagoras, approximately 495BC, and has been applicable ever since. The modern version of the test has some additions and modifications compared to the original, but the basics remain the same.

So how do you find the best Enneagram test?

I have the answer for you – but first let us have a look at the criteria of a good Enneagram test.

  • A good Enneagram test is extensive and thorough. Traditionally it has more than 100 questions with multiple-choice answers, which will take you roughly half an hour to complete. Many online versions offer a shortened version of the test, but these are simply not that accurate.
  • A good test will offer you an analysis of your results, which they will send to you via email as well. This will enable you to start to understand your personality type and how it influences your personal and professional success.
  • Since the Enneagram system is extremely complex, it is impossible to understand the full impact of your personality type on your life without some professional help. A good online test will be able to offer you access to professional psychoanalyses to help implement these findings in your life. These analyses are usually not free, even though the test may be.

I took the test at The Enneagram Test Queen to determine my Enneagram personality type and here is what I learned.

  • The test is extremely thorough and is scientifically validated.
  • It takes less than 30 minutes to complete by answering 108 questions online.
  • It gives you a quick result with lots of options of exploring your personality type with professional help.
  • They offer a 90 - day money back guarantee.
  • Thousands of customers are amazed at the accuracy of the Enneagram Queen Test. It is remarkable at assessing personality traits and types, and the professional package is extensive and detailed.

It is therefore, in my opinion, the best online Enneagram test available.

 According to The Enneagram Test Queen, the true power of the test is seen when the results are used alongside a psychoanalyst to help you understand your personality type. Scientific research has shown that adults who have taken the Enneagram test and subsequently received 40-50 hours of coaching, showed significant improvement in their personal development.

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If you want to improve your personal and professional life, and often feel like you are standing in your own way – consider taking the Enneagram Queen test right now. This is the first step to a new and improved you!