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Enneagram Type 4s' Compatible Personalities Unveiled

Once you know what your enneagram personality is, you can use this information to see how you can grow and succeed in every aspect of your life. This is also the right guideline that you use can use to find other personalities that will work well with you. This is especially important when you are looking for a romantic partner. This article will take a closer look at which personalities will work best with your Type 4 personality.

Romantic Capabilities with Type 4’s


4’s do have some things that they need to consider when they are trying to find their compatibility with another enneagram personality type. The most important thing that you want to consider is the other person’s maturity level as well as their personality type. A Four is typically a partner that is self-aware and authentic. They are also expressive and very much in touch with their feelings. This is something that is greatly appreciated by partners.

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Type 4’s are most compatible with the following enneagram personalities.


Other 4’s


Everything that makes a Four a good partner is what makes them a good partner for them. Fours want to have their partners consider them to be special. They want to be able to freely communicate and verbalize what they are looking for. This is why this can be a personality that works well with you. However, this may not be the best choice in the long-term unless one or both parties can learn to sacrifice and compromise with each other.


1’s and 2’s


Ones and twos are another 2 types that you will have compatibility with. The reason that these 2 offer great compatibility is because the Ones and Twos can offer the balance that Fours need. This is because Ones and Twos offer the Four things like selflessness, determination, and organisation, which are areas that Fours are really lacking in.

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Another personality type that works well with a Four is a Five. Fours tend to be more expressive when it comes to their emotions. A Five is a great balance for a Four because they are straightforward and consistent. They don’t play games. A Five means what they say. Fives are also more logical, which can make them a great anchor for Fours, who tend to have more turbulent emotions. This partnership can lead to an intense but stimulating bond.




This may seem like an odd pairing, but Fours do really well with Nines. Nines tend to be more on the mellow side. They are more welcoming and nonjudgmental, which makes for a great partner when it comes to a Four personality type. The nature of a Nine makes the Four feel safe and secure within the relationship. In turn, the Four can bring both passion and intensity to the relationship, which also makes them a great balance for a Nine.




Fours are a personality type that are known for being individualists and can be sensitive. They need a partner that will be able to balance them out. The combinations mentioned in this article can be the best pairings for a Four.


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